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Time Kor - B2B Time Sheet Solution

Time Kor provides a simple, elegant solution to one of the most dreaded tasks of small-business employees.

Current solutions are either out-dated or overcomplicated. Both contribute to employee frustration, and late and innacurate time sheets, which leads to accounting headackes, innacuracies, and late billings.

The ideal purpose of software is to provide a specific and functional solution to a real problem. One problem, one, elegant solution. Improving the user experience also improves results for the employer. It's a win-win situation.

The majority of time sheets are turned in late every week, and with multiple mistakes. This costs time and frustration for both employees and employers. Many businesses still use spreadsheets, which have to be input a second time into accounting software.

By making the process of recording employee time as easy as possible, it helps ensure more accurate results, which in turn means easier approval processes, less errors, and easier entry (direct API integration) into accounting software.

There are a number of software products that provide some form of time sheet entry. However, most are integrated into an expensive and complex project management or accounting software, or they are out of date and inaccessible. The problem with time sheets is driven at the employee level, yet most solutions are management focused.

Millions of Americans are required to fill out time sheets, and hundreds of thousands of small business are all using the same accounting software that provides API integration - improve the time sheet for the employee and add Quickbooks integration to significantly improve accounting efficiency.

The stopwatch feature is a central feature of Kor. It allows employees to track their billable hours in real-time. Instead of trying to remember on Friday, how many hours they spent on Tuesday working on a specific project, they can track the time as they work.

I am here, presenting this idea for two reasons. Because I believe in it, and because I believe you can add value. I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the viability of my product. Thank you for your time.

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