Time For You: the refining & further development of my mind-body-spirit biz

I own and operate Time For You, a mind-body-spirit center in Phoenix Arizona where I offer bodywork & energy treatments, hypno-soul coaching sessions, shamanic soul care, dreamwork exploration and small soul care related workshops.

After ten years of having my business nested inside other professional practices, 18 months ago I aquired my very own 600 square foot office space where I see clients and host small groups for workshops and community experiences. 

My bodywork clients "pay the bills" but I know that I am doing as much of that work as I want to/am able to. I am intending now to build up the soul coaching and hypnotherapy clientele and I've also recently commited to myself to bring my "Delicious Dreams: An Introduction to Dream Work" workshop online. I am also revamping my website to better reflect me, my biz and my offerings. (Hope to have it launched in February.)

I build community through online social networking, sporadically contributing to my Delighted Sage Blog and through the production of a monthly blotalk radio program, Souls Aloft Radio.

As a freelancer, at this point I am focusing on time and efforts to grow the demand for my work, and to better connect with those who can benefit from what I have to offer.


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