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Time Flies - Good News is You Are the Pilot

Update 7/9/14 - Scroll down to see my final sketch before inking-- Any feedback before I delve in is greatly appreciated!

Update 4/23/14 - Scroll down to see my first full-sized sketch - I'd love some feedback!

Update 4/9/14 - Scroll Down to the bottom to see my updates - I have completely changed direction! 


December 1, 2013

Hi! I'm Dana, a photographer, blogger and Etsy shop owner. I signed up for this class 2 weeks ago because my husband was deployed and I was looking for something to do to keep myself occupied while he was away.  

Last year, my mom and I took a class on copperplate calligraphy and a few months ago, I fell in love with designing "faux chalkboard signs" in photoshop.  I always loved the chalkboard sign lettering, and when I saw this class I knew I had to sign up to learn how to do it myself.  

Here's what I've accomplished in the last two weeks.  First up were my ideas-- I love the beach, photography and anything mid century modern, so I wrote down those ideas and then started looking up quotes that related to those topics.  Oddly enough, while I was doing this, I was also watching one of my favorite episodes of the Brady Bunch- the one where they start a band and sing "Time To Change", so one of my quotes comes from that song "don't fight the tide, come along for the ride".  I love it because it combines my love for the Brady Bunch (who are most definitely mid-century modern) and the quote sounds very beach-like.  So that's the quote I went with.  Below my quotes you'll see my word idea list- I did it like a word web (that's the former teacher in me!) and I split it up between the Brady Bunch and the beach.

Here's my two pages of lettering warm ups-- I did the first page in one night, and then did some more research on lettering styles and did my second page a few days later.  I am definitely more impressed with my second page than my first page!

I also started a Pinterest idea board with some ideas...here are a few screenshots of that:

And these are my two favorites - I love the surfboard in this one:

And, I love the fact that this is a beach badge (and that I grew up not too far from Ocean City, NJ!)

The only part I'm having a problem with now is coming up with my "purpose" - I don't know what I'm desigining this for.  I see others who are designing cigar boxes, medicine bottles, etc, but all I can come up with is a sign for a beach house.  Is that good enough? Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'd love any comments and critiques so far! Thank you in advance!


Update 4/9/14

Whew-- life has most certainly got in the way!  But I am ready to jump feet first back into this project.

I think I'm going to change gears-- I still like my original concept, and I might go back to it, but I saw a quote the other day and I just knew I had to use it.

It is a quote from Michael Altshule : "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot" .... my husband is a pilot in the Air Force, and I think that this would make a great addition to his mancave/ home office when we buy our first house next month.  Our first anniversary will be right when we close on the house, and the first annversary gift is typically paper, so I think a nice framed print would be awesome.

Here's my inspiration so far- I'm thinking a vintage flying poster - I'm loving the art deco vibe of many of the vintage flying posters, and I'm thinking about getting him a poster from SquadronPosters.com, all of which have Art Deco fonts, so I'd love for it to fit in with that.

Now- to start my sketches!

Here's another page of lettering warmup I did

And here's 7 sketches for my layout:

So my question now is-- what layout does everyone like? I'm thinking of further developing the last three but I want to hear some opinions first.


Update 4/10/14

Did two more layout sketches:

April 23, 2014

Woo! We had a gorgeous day today, so I sat outside listening to the sounds of nature and got my first full sized sketch done - I'd love any and all feedback!  I have a few things I already know I want to tweak now that I'm seeing it a few hours later, but I won't say anything until I hear what everyone else has to say.

One thing I will say - I'm not totally sold on my scrip for "the good news is" - does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do with that?



Update: July 9th, 2014

Eep! Our anniversary is 19 days away! I need to get working if I'm going to get this inked and framed in time!

I used tracing paper to trace my original design, but added a few things-- I fixed the airplane so it is more realistic (I literally traced a photo of his plane that I had taken at our last air show-- he flies a KC-135 tanker, so while it may be unrecongizable to some, I know he'll recognize it as "his"plane)

I also added a border, cleaned up my lettering, changed the script for "the good news is", and made the word "pilot" look less cartoon-y.

I plan to ink this tomorrow so I can get it framed this weekend.  He's away again, so I'd like to get it done while he's gone-- any tips, feedback, etc before I ink is greatly appreciated!


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