Time Desk - would that this hoodie were a time hoodie

Beginning brainstorm ideas:

- Tech office job culture page that's trying too hard (we have foosball! you can totally wear jeans, dude!)

- Inside perspective from everyday assholes (cut off in traffic, slow person at the post office, etc. - they are actually going through some really terrible and haunting things and you're the dick for getting mad about nothing)

- Ranting to gorgeous carefree 20-somethings who think it's cute to be nervous and waffly even though their life has never had any real hardship or pain

- Types of people at the bus stop in a state where public transit is not the norm

- that girl (with 1000+ twitter followers, who never has to wait at a crosswalk, who pulls off the effortless sweater while you'd look like a bag of barf)

- What I think this book is about (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13588195-modern-cave-girl#other_reviews)

- What it's actually like being short

- SN's ordeals (mover incommunicado for 6 days, wells fargo takes out +$300 mistakenly, paycheck doesn't deposit, fleas in new apartment)

EDIT: - An open letter to the dude on the bus


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