Till the Season.....

I've enjoyed taking this class but I've realized that setting up food photos is not my strength.  For years I said I wasn't creative (I could never draw as a kid) but then I discovered nature photography.  I love being outside and capturing the beauty all around us.  I've found it very hard to 'set up' photo shoots.  So for this assignment I went to a local farm and took photos.  This is much more enjoyable (and a lot less frustrating) for me.

Farm Stand

I did try the Candy Cane shot again, using Julia's advice to go to stockphoto.com to get ideas.  I still don't like it, I like my other photos much better.  It has been cloudy and foggy in Boston the last couple days so I had no natural light.

Candy Canes

And I just had to include a photo of my dog since Julia introduced us to her dog in her video.  There is RED in the photo!

Thank you Julia, this has been fun.

I just took tons of photos, watched Julia's vide, took a bunch more and just wasn't happy with my shots.  I logged on and saw some beautiful shots from other students, now I'm inspired!  

But I figured I'd still post these and then we can see how much I improve by next week (I hope!).  I found the subject I chose very hard, candy canes.  Just not interesting enough but I thought 'What if I HAD to get a good shot of Candy canes,' so I kept trying.  I knew it wasn't going well when I found that changing aperature, shutter speed or ISO made no difference since it was a boring subject....

I was out to eat at a fabulous new find, Gran Gusto, in Cambridge Massachusetts.  Gran Gusto is like being back in Italy; very friendly staff, willing to go off the menu and cook what you desire, no feeling of being rushed.  When my plate arrived I saw the red and although I hadn't seen the class video yet, I knew I needed to photograph it.

I used my iphone because I hadn't thought to bring my camera along.  

Close up - Eggplant parm

And then I got my favorite shot - 

Whole scene - Eggplant parm

I liked this photo because it not only showed the plate of food, it shows the fork, olive oil and bread basket, all things that add to a great Italian meal!


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