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Tilit Chef Goods

The Project...

I have been a professional cook, a chef, a career food slinger, an artiste for 17 years now. I got my start washing dishes and frying taco shells in a Mexican joint in my hometown of Covington, Louisiana. Since then I have learned from amazing people in Kansas City, New Orleans, New York City and the Caribbean. I've worked at New Orleans' legendary Commander's Palace, Charlie Palmer's Aureole, Antonucci and many more. My biggest honor as a Chef has been cooking at the James Beard House. Over the last several years I have worked for Jerry Seinfeld's family here in New York, NY. I have been very lucky in my career and wouldn't change this job for the world!

As my role in kitchens has evolved over the last three decades, I have become increasingly aware that there are very limited resources for chef goods. From clothes and tools to popular information I feel like the industry isn't being fully served with fresh ideas from real people. Tilit is the source for chef goods and community that will strive to serve the cooks on the line, the chefs at the helm and the makers in their home. 

The Challenges...

Started as an idea a few years ago Tilit has since been molded into a small line of products that launched online in November of last year. My goal with creating the line and starting the business was to keep my risk as minimal as possible while exhibiting a cleverly designed idea to gauge the viability of it as a business. After 8 months of increasing reach and sales I believe I am on a good track, but want to reach a much bigger audience. 

I am continuing to keep my risk low, aka miniscule budget, and need some fresh ideas on how to drum up marketing. More importantly effective marketing. Any additional help and ideas from peers or advisors would be greatly appreciated!




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