Tile lady

Tile lady - student project

I am the person who can't draw straight lines and symmetry designs, so I was I amazed at how even I could make something like these mathematically lined up tiles using Liz's techniques. I was happy I could make my own flower shaped brushes too. It opened my eyes! Thank you Liz for the fun class! I learned a lot! :)

Tile lady - image 1 - student project



Since then, I extended this series and made more images. I set up Redbubble shop and Society6 shop and used some of the images on the products. 

My favourite is Queen of Autumn and Mermaid in the summer :) I had so much fun doing this:)




Winter Snow lady

Tile lady - image 2 - student project

Sunflower girl

Tile lady - image 3 - student project

Beach girl

Tile lady - image 4 - student project

Queen of Autumn 

Tile lady - image 5 - student project

Mermaid in the summer

Tile lady - image 6 - student project