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Nicole Archambault

Aspiring Web Developer!




Hi! My name's Nicole, and I'm relatively new to Illustrator, aside from messing around in it trying to figure out how it works alongside Photoshop and doing the occasional logo work. Certainly nothing overly artistic. So, I was very excited to find this class and eager to start my first project!

The image I'll be replicating is from the incredibly talented Becky and Frank's print series Tiny Kitten Teeth, hand-painted in the style of the Little Golden Books of our youth. I just LOVE their style and use of color, and admire the fact that their work is done by hand even though they could have probably done it in a program like Illustrator. :)

Tigerbuttah is adorable, mischievous and curious. Like me.

Let's see what I can do!

Phase 1 (Completed through Building With Shapes module)

I've begun outlining the different geometric shapes in the image. Initially, I was using the Pen tool a lot... now I'm expanding into utilizing the Convert Anchor Point Tool and am gradually getting more comfortable with the angling. The back stripes were made starting with the Rectangle Tool, and the curves created solely using the Convert Anchor Point Tool. Trying to keep my layers organized as much as possible!

About 4 hours later...

I'm making good progress, though I think I'll have to accept that I won't immediately get the "paintbrush" stylizing right off the bat. I'll save that for last. Shapes have come along well, and I've got the hang of anchor point manipulation now. Still a lot to go, but it's almost 1/3 way there or so!

Two days later... (Finished with first part of lessons)

I finally found time to play with my project some more. Finished up the foreground of the picture, and now onto the more difficult part - the background. Already looking into some texturing options.

Final Steps

I finished the rest of the annoying little shapes and flowers and things today, using a combination of the Blob Tool and Pen Tool. The tough part was trying to figure out what to do about "replicating" the hand-painted watercolor background and overall texture. What I ended up doing was completing the main components of the picture, then setting a purple background on the bottom-most layer to about 50% opacity. Certain parts of the picture (mostly the background flowers) were also set to 50% opacity. The result:

The actual parts that I drew are below, with the background set to 50% opacity, with the original image hidden:

Maybe I'll pick it up and attempt a watercolor texture on it at some point in time, but for now... I had a blast completing this project. Thanks everyone!!


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