Tiger Queen

Tiger Queen - student project

I LOVED this class and wanted to say thanks to Laci for such great inspiring content. I had a lot of fun making this self portrait using all the new techniques I learned. I want to share as much of my process as I can, since I love seeing everyone's behind the scenes of their final product. 


So to start out, here are some screen shots of my Pinterest board. I'm really drawn to simple bold shapes, the color pink, tigers, and I definitely love those retro vibes. 


Tiger Queen - image 1 - student project

Tiger Queen - image 2 - student project

Tiger Queen - image 3 - student project


Then I actually started on my iPad in Procreate for the initial tracing part. Here's my reference picture and my initial sketch. 


Tiger Queen - image 4 - student project  Tiger Queen - image 5 - student project


I then pulled it into illustrator and got to work. The little trick in photoshop to better figure out shadows was an awesome tip!


Here's a screen shot of my Illustrator work board. I spent a lot of time playing with color and different backgrounds. 

Tiger Queen - image 6 - student project


I then pulled it into photoshop and really loved how even adding just a minimal amount of texture took it to the next level. Here's my final piece. In 2 different color ways because I couldn't decide which I liked better! 


Tiger Queen - image 7 - student project


Tiger Queen - image 8 - student project


Again, thanks so much for the class Laci! And thanks to everyone else checking out my project! 



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