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Bronlynn Thurman

Illustrator. Photographer. Cartoonist. Writer.



Tiger Animal Mark

For this project, I decided to try out my animal mark skills on a tiger. Below you can see a few of the images I looked at when I was trying to figure out the shape that I wanted.


I ended up settling on the first image and above are some of the sketches I create. I ended up liking the bottom two.


I traced my sketch in illustrator and adjusted the shape to make it smoother while also cutting out the stripes from the main form. I didn't want to make it too detailed. I began testing different colors and changing the paw. In the earlier stages I had also detached the back leg, but decided that it looked off.

I'm pretty happy with the results. The image of the griding is below. I'll do a bit more tweeking and post the cleaned up version later today.


And here is my final mark! Let me know what you all think.



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