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Tide Pool Phantom

For this project I chose a picture that I took of my dad and our dog Scooby. This was the first time we took Scooby to the ocean and we were teaching him how to swim. My dad was trying to get him in the water in this photo. 

This is the original taken with an iPhone 5s: I apologize for it being sideways. I'm not sure why it keeps doing it but I don't know how to fix it.


Kinda bland. The water doesn't look as inviting as it did in person.

This is the first edit I did, almost entirely using VSCOcam. All I did were a few minor edits with the Saturation, Highlights, and Temperature tools. I am surprised at the huge difference it made. The water looks so much more clear and blue, it brightened the photo so that it matched the sunny summer day, and gave the photo more life in general I think.


This is the second edit. Again, mostly in VSCOcam with a few minor adjustments in Snapspeed. This time I wanted to make a darker, more vintage look. I had the 60's in mind while I made it. This time in VSCOcam I took the exposure and temperature down, and put the contrast, highlights, and shadow effects up. Overall I think it made the photo much more simple. It took away some of the distractions in the surrounding rock, and really makes the eye hone in on the characters and the water. 


This is edit number 3. This time I started with VSCOcam, and then finished with Snapspeed. I tried to make the picture look almost fake and poppy, sort of with a retro feel. In VSCO I turned the saturation all the way up and put the tint down 3 knotches; trying to make it as bright and colorful as I could. Then in Snapspeed is where it got interesting. I used the Selective tool to really bring out the red in my dad and the dog. After that I started playing around with the Spot Repair tool, and realized it could do some intersting things. I accidentally duplicated my dad when I clicked on a spot in the water to touch up. Kind of trippy looking!


This was a cool little class, I only downloaded the free photo-editing apps (Snapspeed and VSCOcam) but as you can see they still offer a wide variety of editing options. Enjoy! :)


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