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This story is about a four hour road trip i took with a group of friends to go to a rave in Atlanta and all the problems we encountered on the way there; Starting with forgetting our tickets!

Above are the thumbnails for the major beats of the story.


Story Overview:

Alright, so here's a little more indepth script of the story:

     It starts back at my apratment where my roommate prints out my ticket to the event. He and some other friends leave early, but I stay behind to wait for my two friends (Catherine and Evelyn) who were still in class. Eventually my friends show up and we all get in the car to start our 4 hour car ride to Atlanta.

    About 40 mins into the trip Catherine realises she forgot her ticket and freaks out. We decided that we didn't have the time to spare to go back and get it because our other friends were waiting on us so we look for place to print it out on the way there. Office Max was the closest so we go there.

    We drive into Officemax to print off the tickets. It was taking an extremely long time for the printer to warm up and print so I go next door to get some food. I go into the sub shop and am stuck behind an old couple who can't decide what to order. Thinking the couple would take to long and I would hold my frinds up I consider leaving, but the cashier ask for my order right before I made up my mind. I order a sub and immediately after my friends call saying they're ready to leave. I grab my sub and run out side to find there car is gone.

     Paniced I run up and down the street looking for their car. They pull up next to me as I'm driving and tell me to get in the car but the back door handel was broke so I had to crawl through the window. Safe in the car we continue our trip to the party.

    About an hour away from our destination Catherine wakes us up to tell us that she was pulling over at the next exit because her car wasn't excellerating. Thinking nothing else could go worng, somke starts bellowing out the hood of her car. We pull over and Catherine looks under the hood and says the car is screwed. We call a tow truck and our friends and thell them we probaly won't make it.

    When the tow truck arrives the driver hooks our car up and ask us where we should be dropped off at. Thinking fast, Evelyn gives him the adress of the Rave and he takes us there. We leave our car in the parking lot, planning on dealing with it in the morning. We meet our friends at the door and Cather realizes she once again forgot her tickets in the tow truck. Luckiley the bouncer tells us the it was a slow party and let us in without tickets.

     Just before we go inside, the tow truck drivers rushes back to give Catherine her tickets. We tell him we didn't need it anymore, but wanting to thank him for being a cool guy we invite him  to join us. He does and we all dance like crazy at an empty Rave party!!


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