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Tiara Flower

One of the pleasures of living in Western Australia is having access to abundant wildflowers, especially in the springtime. The Geraldton waxflower grows readily in our sandy soil and needs little encouragement to start blooming, just a few sunny winter days and the bushes come alive with shades of white, pink and purple.

As I enlarged some of my photos I was entranced to notice the tiara-like crown in the flower's centre, something I hadn't previously noticed. One could imagine a fairy donning one of these flowers and proclaiming herself Queen of the Fairies or at the very least a Fairy Princess, with a Bee Footman at the ready, as these waxflowers bushes are a favourite of bees as well as birds.

I did a combination of pencil sketches for scanning, and penwork for tracing plus used a photo of the waxflower buds to do a colour photo trace.


I drew a combination of pencil sketches and pen work for scanning and tracing, plus used a colour photo of some waxflower buds and leaves to do a colour trace in Illustrator.


The colour work was very satisfying and Bonnie's clear instructions made for an adventure, touching on many elements of Illustrator I was unaware of. I especially love the colour randomiser function!


For my final repeat pattern I left two motifs out as I felt I had plenty to work with.



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