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Thunderhead Gryphon

**Sept 02 2014**

I have finally decided on a design to sculpt. I wanted to do a Gryphon but as I was designing him I just couldnt feel it so I revamped the creature itself a bit. I hope it still qualifies as a Gryphon creature, haha.

I named them Thunderhead Gryphons and they enjoy flying with the thunderstorms and creating bursts of lightning. They are cold to the touch and very friendly. I mixed in a dragon, bird and fox with a unicorn horn. Nothing super original, but I really like him and sculpting him will be so fun!

I did a bit of sketch brainstorming for a pose to put him in and I think this pose is my favorite. I will aim for a similar style as I sculpt him out.

Well I have all the supplies up to the sanding and painting processes So I will get onto the armature making right away.

**EDIT Oct 07 2014**

So, after a long ordeal of my washer/dryer totally melting down, I was finally able to get to making my armature for this guy! I was having a hard time getting a photograph, I tried getting a 4 turn view of him. I'm excited to start sculpting but I'm holding back to get feedback on the armature before moving forward. :) Right now, nothing is glued down or in a permenant setting, I made sure that I can make any changes.

I hope the photos are readable. If not, let me know, I can try my best to get a better angle, hehe.


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