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Thunderfoot /Ilustration from Concept Drawing to Watercolor to Computer Enhancement


Started with many drawings of dinosaurs and then settled with this long neck as my 'model' drawing.

The model drawing or 'concept' drawing sets the style for all the other characters. You might call it the style or unifying look.

An Illustration is all about your 'personal style'. Find it and be proud of it ... it's yours and nobody can take it from you.

Here is my model. Simple,clean, and easily 'embellished with all manner of 'variations'. 

If you have your own 'character' then just use the method in the video and apply it to your own drawing.



The most important element in Illustration after the concept drawing or model is the 'STORY'.

The picture has to tell the story and that is done in a thousand ways. We will consider the simplest and most used 'Story Model'... which is the 'Story Board'.

You will need a setting ( place ), a time, and of course the character. Drama always brings the idea home and that's why we have the volcano. Now we Draw and paint our first 'panel' and complete the illustration. One of many, depending on what you are Illustrating. Put the many images of the storyboard together and you have  the outline for your book, film, animation or whatever it is that you are 'Illustrating".

Here is a Student's concept drawing in Black Ink of his Dino with ATTITUDE. The basic concept model was used and he got personally creative.


Here is another Student's concept drawing for her Dino. I like this one for its reptilian skin texture and the subtle saddle horn


Get your own version of Thunderfoot and embellish, decorate, and personalize. 

Step #3

Bring it all home with whatever mediums you want to use to embellish your iIllustration.

used a simple free computer art software program  called Paint.NET which is about a 4 min download. It has all that I need to produce the digital work I need for  2 websites and book publications. If you have your own favorite 'digital enhancer', then by all means, use it.

Here is the Thunderfoot from the Artbet, Frst Steps In Drawing book.


Here is the original watercolor before it went to the 'digital world' I am still playing around with this one, seeing where it will end up. Illustrate and have fun.


Remember it's your illustration!!! So let it shine out and sing out.




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