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Thumbnail sketching pratice

Hi there,

I haven't thumbnail sketches in a while but I'm trying to increase my packaging design skills by working on different concept ideas.  I thought that by taking this class it would really help me to get my raw ideas onto paper and then take my ideas into Adobe Illustrator. I'm still in the early stages by I wanted to post my progress thus far.  Below is my thumbnail sketches and my project.  Yasmina I really enjoy your classes and the instructions are so helpful. 


The concept idea here is to create a packaging label for cat vitamins. The thumbnail sketches that I find most interesting and playful are the last two. Below is the one that I haven't chosen.


This thumbnail was done in pencil and then ink. Below is the label for the vitamin bottle that I plan to use. As you can see I didn't follow the thumbnail exactly but I do like the looseness of the image. 



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