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Thumbelina meet the mouse

I choose to illustrate the following chapther.

"It began to snow too; and the snow-flakes, as they fell upon her, were like a whole shovelful falling upon one of us, for we are tall, but she was only an inch high. Then she wrapped herself up in a dry leaf, but it cracked in the middle and could not keep her warm, and she shivered with cold. Near the wood in which she had been living lay a corn-field, but the corn had been cut a long time; nothing remained but the bare dry stubble standing up out of the frozen ground. It was to her like struggling through a large wood. Oh! how she shivered with the cold. She came at last to the door of a field-mouse, who had a little den under the corn-stubble. There dwelt the field-mouse in warmth and comfort, with a whole roomful of corn, a kitchen, and a beautiful dining room. Poor little Tiny stood before the door just like a little beggar-girl, and begged for a small piece of barley-corn, for she had been without a morsel to eat for two days. “You poor little creature,” said the field-mouse, who was really a good old field-mouse, “come into my warm room and dine with me.” She was very pleased with Tiny, so she said, “You are quite welcome to stay with me all the winter, if you like; but you must keep my rooms clean and neat, and tell me stories, for I shall like to hear them very much.”

Here the project development as I follow the teacher instructions.

After inking the drawing I've coloured it with coloured pencils. I didn't use watercolor.

The digital process is the last image on the right, but I don't really like it very much, I prefer the effects of the pencils on the paper. But it was usefull for adding the snow effect.
Probably if I started with watercolour the effect will be better as in the tutorial....
Sorry for my english (I'm italian).

I wait for your comments and suggestions.

Thank you,


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