Throw me to the wolves...

Throw me to the wolves... - student project

First off, I am so grateful to Tristan & Michelle for creating such a helpful (and succint) class specifically targeted to those of us in love with letters. 

I have been attempting to teach myself Photoshop and have even taken a few other photoshop classes here on skillshare. However, I have had to wade through hours of unapplicable content in order to pull out a few nuggets that I could use to figure out how to digitize my lettering. This new class is such a valuable tool for those just learning the photoshop lettering ropes!!

For this particular project, I wanted to try out the new techniques that were demonstrated in the video and didn't stress to much about shooting for perfection just yet. When I saw this quote, I couldn't help but love that little bit of bad-ass determination it stirs inside me. To express that emotion, I broke away from my Copperplate & Spencerian lettering love affair and went for something a bit edgier with a combination of painted lettering and a very loose modern script.  

I found the photo on the Flickr link that was provided in the class .pdf

On a side note, I have been using the Vitamin L25 actions and I AM SO IN LOVE!  Hours - I have saved HOURS of clean up time by using those quick little actions. Michelle & Tristan, from a busy mom who's calligraphy time is limited and precious, thank you for such a wonderful time saving tool!!!!

Chantelle Hoffmann

Throw me to the wolves... - image 1 - student project