Through thick to thin

I used 15g of hand-combed, undyed Shetland wool for this project. (The wool came from a ewe named "Daphne" which seems to be a popular name for Shetland ewes around here. Perhaps they are born just as the daphne begins to bloom?)

The thick and thin samples used less than 2g, and the sample skein weighs about 13g and measures 37 yards.

In my effort not to overply the singles, I think I underplied a little. The yarn is a bit inconsistent, especially for such a small sample. The fibre I used varied from about 5" staple to 2.5" and I think I would have had a more consistent skein if I had planked my nests or given them a carding after combing to mix it up. Also I plyed the yarn on itself from a centerpull ball, which never gives me the same results I get from two independent bobbins. Nevertheless it is usable, and finer than anything I've done before, at least according to the numbers.

It was fun spinning a bit finer than my comfort level. I had a few draft-away breaks in the spinning and had to switch to a smaller whorl, but no breaks in the plying.



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