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Through the Wormhole

I'm making an old school point and click scifi adventure game and I need to come up with ideas for the characters. I realized only after signing up for this course that it could help me develop the game characters.

The game is in very early stages at the moment, so I only have decided about the main character and one other. As it is a game happening in space and foreign planets there's also need for some non-human characters. 

So far I have the very beginning of the story written, and I thought it might be a good idea to start with some random character ideas and also let them influence some aspects of the game story. 

I'm mostly an abstract painter, so I really liked the method of generating thumbnails like this. This is the first "warmup" version of my thumbnails. I think I need to draw a few more "sheets" of them to get the momentum going. My creative process works like that. First pretty random stuff comes out and after a while something happens, a mistake or a combination of strokes just feels right. So it's crucial to just keep working until that happens.

And here some of the first refined versions:


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