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Throne of Blood - Criterion Cover Art

First Post:

Hello everyone!

This is my first real go at Illustrator and I'm loving the process immensely. I'm already impatient to learn as much as I can so I can finally join the modern age and bring my own illustrations and art to life with vector graphics! 

But, baby steps, and here are my first:

One of my favorite films is Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood (highly recommend if you haven't watched it) and I especially love the cover art that was made for the Criterion Collection's edition. 

Here's the original cover:

And here's my progress, thus far:

Gonna move on in the lessons (I just finished Form Building, looking forward to the next ones!), and gonna see if I can figure out the background textures and painting. 

Loving the process and this is a really fun project to learn from. Can't wait to move forward and create cool things!

Thanks for taking a look, any feedback is most welcome and all the very best!


Second Post:

Having some trouble with the textures and blood stains, but am working at it. Working off of CS2. Tried to find the right brushes and downloaded a few free ones, but couldn't get it quite right. Will keep working at it. 

Final Post:

Ok, finally got it to a place I'm satisfied with. Couldn't mimic it exactly, as the blood splatter was definitely tricky with what I had/the time I had, but I like where it's at. I at least feel confident with these basics shared in the lessons. Here's the final piece (I left out the criterion stickers, though they are cool and look forward to playing with shapes to make things similar to them).

Final Piece:

Thank you Brad for the amazing lessons! Can't wait to learn more! And thanks to any of those who viewed my progress and left any feedback. 

All the best!!!



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