ThriveStreams - student project




ThriveStreams is an engaging way to achieve any goal, track your progress, support your friends and earn rewards for your progress.

Biggest Holes in Startup Idea:

  • If users cannot see how ThriveStreams works then they will not sign up.
  • You will not be able to get users engaged and returning to the app/website.
  • Too much focus on the individual rather than group goal achievement.

MVP Solution:

Launch Page with a DIY Explainer video to be used to register users and gauge interest in the ThriveStream mobile platform via visitor signup statistics.

Follow-Up Iterations of MVP:

  • On Cyber Monday, email existing registrants a 100% Discount Code to register for the following Skillshare class in NYC:

    Three Steps to Start Achieving Any Goal/Dream

    Let them know that any person that registers on the Launchrock page and redeems the Discount Code will raise their priority in queue for a ThriveStreams account in the first wave for Beta Tesing.  After the Skillshare is completed, apply to teach the Skillshare online and email all registered users the same deal for the Online Version of the class.
  • Invite registered users to complete the ThriveStreams MVP Survey (
  • Announce via email to registered users, the addition of Group Goals to the feature set list for an early version of ThriveStreams.

Actionable Plan:

  1. Create DIY Explainer Video
  2. Embed the video on the existing LaunchRock page
  3. Post the video with link to Launch page to Facebook via Founders' and ThriveStreams' pages.
  4. Email registered users discount code for "Three Steps to Start Any Goal/Dream".
  5. Apply for to teach online version of the Skillshare by 12/15/2012.
  6. Upon approval, run Facebook Ad from ThriveStreams Page to announce Online Skillshare Discount offer for registered users.

Notes for DIY Explainer Video Creation:

  1. Create 5 screenshot images from initial mockups using Photoshop.
  2. Create a Keynote presentation with transitions that simulate an iOS application.
  3. Record the presentation using Camtasia and add callouts to highlight the screenshots.
  4. Purchase Royalty Free music track and add using iMovie
  5. Upload Explainer Video to YouTube.

(Estimated Time & Money Budget: 8 hours & $1000)

- Goal:

Verify the need/interest for a mobile goal achievement application by introducing the public to ThriveStreams and inviting signups for early access to the platform.

- Success metric:

100 signups via the registration page.

- Solution to hit goal:

Exhibit the inherent value of the mobile application via a DIY Explainer Video added to Launch Page and broadcast link to Facebook Network in order to build initial user base for announcement of Cyber Monday Skillshare offer.

- Week-long experiment you can run to hit your goal:

For one week we will post the DIY Explainer Video to the Launch Page before the body text, post the video and link to Launch Page to Facebook and check the metrics.

Update: Video announced via Facebook on 11/20/2012 at 8:30 AM ET and will remain on the Launch page until 11/27/2012 at 8:30 AM ET.  Discount codes for Skillshare will be sent out on Cyber Monday (11/26/2012 at 8:30 AM ET.)


Click Here to view the ThriveStreams DIY Explainer Video of the mobile application.

Click Here to see the description for the Skillshare to be offered for FREE for Registered Users on Cyber Monday.

Click Here to check out our MVP at: