Tebbe Davis




Three things to do to improve fans page effectiveness

As a means to increase income production from my fan page I am confronted with a number of issues. First is that my available work is expensive and a luxury discretionary product which is most effective and engaging when viewed in person.  Second is that 70% of my fans are women and 35% 0f the total are people between 55-64, which is also my age so it doesn't seem like a problem but just a fact of demographics.  Most important I have noticed that the posts that gain the highest number of clicks (including those which I Boosted) where post that made NO specific offer.  

So I need to create content that Offers;  1.lower value introductory offers, like classes and freebies which  2. appeal to women. 3. Which engages them in the process and introduces them to the Art as something whihc speaks to them. 


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