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Three storyboard ideas - A glimpse into my childhood


When I first looked over the events of my story, I didn't really think it had a proper paradigm, but I guess that even if the goal isn't achieved, there can still be an epiphany and ending.


This story happened around the year 2000, so I have to quickly remind myself of what cars were like back then. My have things changed.

**My Three Ideas**

I'm still learning to draw so excuse my crude drawings. Despite that, I tried to put some personality into them. After hearing Leo's talk, I came up with these three glimpses from my childhood that I think are short enough to storyboard, yet can still have enough character to keep the audience interested.

Idea 1: Almost drowning at Disney

My dad thought it would be a good idea to let five-year-old me into the pool during our vacation in Disney World. Funny enough, this is the only thing I can really remember from that trip.

Idea 2: Driving a go-kart through downtown traffic

My best friend and I had a lot of crazy adventures as kids, but one of more interesting ones was when we decided to take his go-kart and drive it through downtown traffic!

Idea 3: Helping my cat from choking on his collar

A few years back when I had just got my cat, my mom put a collar on him so people would know he belonged to us. Frankly, he didn't like it and one night I found him with his mouth stuck in his collar! The outcome? A big scratch on my face.


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