Three little pigs - Pretend email to art director

Three little pigs - Pretend email to art director - student project

Three Little Pigs creative brief: Pretend email to art director



SUBJECT Three Little Pigs


Dear Sally Sims

Thank you so much for contacting me about your commissioning of an updated version of the Three Little Pigs story. This sounds fun and I am delighted that you are interested in me undertaking this. Before considering the commission further, I wanted to ask you for a few clarifications about the brief. My questions are:


  • Do you have thoughts about how the story can be updated and are there particular aspects of my work that you like and would like me to use for this project?
  • Do you have a particular colour palette in mind?
  • Please can you confirm the deadline for the cover - and phase two if possible.


Thank you again so much for considering me for this work – and for your time answering my questions. I very much look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes