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Three highly engaging blog posts

Why do you blog in the first place?

I love to write, but at the moment my purpose for blogging is business related. I run a directory website about language learning Singapore ( and I want to build a community around it of people who love language learning as much as I do.

I am toying with the idea of also starting my personal blog, but I know it is going to be very absorbing, and right now I may not have the time!

1. My one track mind (Shanna Tan)

This is a blog post from Shanna, a Singaporean student with a passion for Korean language. While she's a lot younger than me, I fall for her honesty in this blog post. She shows both her idealism as well as her doubts, and it's obvious that it's very recognizable for her readers.

2. The hullaballoo over the 2030 population projection is wasting everybody's time (Visakan Veerasamy)

Sorry, again a post from a young person in Singapore.

Singapore has just had a debate about its population composition as far down the road as 2030.

Visa argues that there is no point in looking so far forward, and he does it by looking back a similar number of years. And reminding everyone how recent new developments really are, such as smartphones, YouTube, the Internet itself.

It's recognizable for everyone, and it's also a fresh take on the discussion.

I don't completely agree with his point, and there are others who have commented. The writer was kind enough to update his post with feedback that he got on the post in various places, esp. his Facebook page. He also commented on pretty much every comment he received. This carried the conversation further.

3. Why do classes suck? - Ken Seeroi

The writer argues that while a lot of people complain about the traditional classwork model for language learning, there is really no substitute.

It's engaging because of:

- Extremely conversational style

- He goes against the grain of most language bloggers who tend to be self learners,

- He weaves a story into the introduction (about hitting on a girl) and through each of the different points he makes. Makes it personal.

- Not afraid to poke fun at himself.

- Is very engaged in the comments, in fact he once responds with what could be a blog post in itself.


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