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Three Trapped Tigers - Route One or Die

The band I have chosen is Three Trapped Tigers. I want to create a CD cover for their album Route One or Die.

They are an instrumental electronic rock band from London, UK and they blew my mind on first listen. Their music is this blend of machine-like chaos that is juxtaposed with melody and warmth, and passages of quiet controlled calm progressions. There is an element of humanity to their chaos which I admire. I find the organic nature of their music exciting and exhilarating. When I listen to the album I imagine the creation of this organism by machines, an organism that is birthed into a false reality and the struggle it goes on to breakout into true reality.

I want the CD cover to reflect the frenetic machine-like yet organic nature of the music. My idea is to combine nature with electronics/machines, to try and show a link between them and the realities they can create. I want a figure or character to be this bridge between these two worlds.

Inspiration Images

I love the colours in the forest and the serenity of the scene. The circuit board has this cool uniformity to its layout but reminded me of roots and the way some trees interact with each other and other objects, in that they grow around, inbetween and through them, almost becoming a part of them. I liked the aged feel of the metal on the hand and the slenderness of the digits.

I feel like this might be a little ambitious for my skill level but I'm excited to get started!


My first idea (and the one I've gone with) is of a robot/android character that has fallen and is being reclaimed by nature. The plants wind from the body like circuitry. I imagined the circuit plants to have glowing bulbs at the end of them to combine an electronic glow with that natural element.

I thought it would be interesting to include tiger lillies into the piece, three of the them, as a nod to the bands name without being wholly obvious about it. One of them would be coming out of the chest of the robot character as a symbol of the music breaking out of its base electronic nature.

My other ideas were to have a character being chased by mechanical wolves/creatures to portray the energy and frenetic rhythm of the music;

My robot character falling/diving from a cliff edge into a shimmering pool after the chase. Only to be revealed that beneath the surface of the pool lies a mechanical worm-like monster. This would have been done in a three-panel split, or I was thinking about utilising the back and front cover of the album to have two scenes; the end of chase with the robot diving off the cliff and the worm-robot waiting in deadly silence beneath the pools surface.

This was the beginning of my sketch on illustrator for the robot. At this point I didn't have a graphic tablet and boy did that make it harder to draw.

The final character sprawled out on the ground.

This is the layout of what the final cover will look like, I'm not sure why but the colours have come out overly saturated.

Here are some close-ups.

Here's what the final will sort of look like (I'm going to go over the colours again, get them coming out right).



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