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Three Script Ideas/Pitches

"I Know"

The Atlanta narcotic unit is close to closing the department's biggest investigation, the capturing of drug lord King Carter. Carter is a mythical figure. No one has ever seen his face or heard his voice besides his most trustworthy henchmen. The unit has some potential leads on the case and rookie detective Brittany is in charge of executing search warrants in Carter's most profitable areas. Due to her knowledge of the neighborhoods, Brittany would be ideal for the job, but there's only one problem, she is also Carter's girlfriend. Brittany must choose between her love and her career as the two worlds collide.


What could stand in the way of a crack addict and their next high? In Samantha's case the answer is nothing. In Addiction, we follow her as she tries to gather up enough money to buy her next hit. She is willing to do anything to get the money, which includes stealing from her parents, performing sexual favors for strangers, and humilating herself in front of a crowd for money. Along her journey, family and close friends try to convince her to go to rehab but she refuses. There's only one surprise that may stop her in her tracks: an unexpected pregnancy. 

"The Man in the Mirror"

Randy is a self-centered, pretentious CEO who runs his household worse than his deteriorating company. He's constant infidelity has ruined his marriage, and the only time he shows his children attention is when he's abusing them (physically and verbally). His company is on the verge of going bankrupt thanks to his corrupt business practices, but yet Randy isn't losing any sleep. 

Randy refuses to change his ways despite multiple pleads from others. That is until one day, during his morning routine, he has a conversation with the Man in the Mirror. Randy's discussion with his reflection shows him how he is not only slowly killing his family, friends, and colleagues, but also himself. 


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