Three Questions

Three Questions - student project

Question 1:

I was participating in a class on Matisse and wanted to use his Polynesia the Sky as my inspiring work. The images in it included fine points. We were working mainly with acrylics and my hands shake. However, the Polynesia piece was one of Matisse's cut outs. He literally cut out the shapes with scissors. I figured if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for my project based on his work, so I cut out the shapes then arranged them on the birdhouse I had painted in the background colors he used and glued them down, I think that was a creative tackle. (The result is my cover image.)

Question 2:

I am a writer. I do have books out but I also write a weekly column. I'd better have enough creativity to come up with a subject to write 750-1000 words about every week. I also am responsible for table decorations for a monthly luncheon at my church. That requires some creative thought, too.

Question 3:

While curiosity is vital, I really love "off-the-wallness." It's great when someone comes out of the blue with a comment or idea. The unexpected can be the most fun.