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Three Pitches; What's Compelling to You?

I'm just starting the class and have three pitches for my 10-minute screenplay I would love to share with the group to get feedback so I can distill down to the most interesting one. 



A Minneapolis woman on the brink of turning 30 is miserable in post-grad limbo; she wants to fulfill her acting dreams but she's stuck in the 9-5 at a cable company and has developed stage fright from a bad experience in theatre during her senior year of college. After another booze-fueled night of social media stalking her more successful friends, she stumbles across an opportunity to get her out of her rut and relive her passion; she just has to keep her fear, alcoholism and mundane responsibilities from getting in the way.


A once vibrant girl is cursed and shackled to a tree with her lips sealed shut on a black-and-white hill for being too vocal and colorful. On the horizon of the world she was a part of, she watches from afar and tries to connect with the people who pass her by. Desperate to regain her freedom of speeech and individuality, she starts to notice clues in the world around her and inside herself in an attempt to break the curse.


A group of four socially-awkward neighbor kids spend a summer night sleepover drawing imaginary monsters and wandering their small rural suburb in Indiana pretending to search for them as a club. After one of them starts to see a monster she created from the book and no one else believes her, she follows her curiosity to prove the skeptics wrong. What she finds is an adventure of overcoming insecurities and exploring the beauty of being different through the eyes of whimsical creatures.




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