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Three Pitches!

“When Satan Came to Summer Camp”

When eleven year old Sabrina Miller returns to the Summer Scouts Camp for Girls, she has no idea just how dark her arts and crafts lessons will become. Stumbling upon a decrepit talisman in the back of the supply closet, she awakens that most heinous beast: Satan, himself. Only his otherworldly powers aren’t up to their destructive capacity yet. Can Sabrina stop the newly disguised camp counselor “Stan” from reining literal hell on camp, and save the planet? Or are her care-free days at camp coming to a close?

(Most of the big stuff can be implied. Think less Tim Curry in ‘Legend’ and more Matt Damon’s Loki in ‘Dogma)

“Get Even”

In a particularly embarrassing back-and-forth game of “pranks”, Evan McDonald has had it. The opportunity for revenge on Marco for his last stunt, comes in a surprise birthday party. When the guests have left for the night and plastered Marco passes out, the stage is set for the ultimate prank. Upon groggily awakening, Marco finds his best friend dead with a bullet to the chest and a gun in Marco’s own hand. Before Evan can “come back to life” and humiliate him in his horror, Marco pulls the trigger on himself in despair. Will Evan be a quick thinker with a body on his hands and Marco’s parents coming over for birthday brunch?

(This may have been told before, but I do love a fun “hide the body” story)

“What Grandpa Found”

Louis Hough did his time in the navy ages ago, but years into his retirement, he still can’t resist the call of the sea. He spends his early mornings on the sandy shores with his metal detector with disappointing results. Until one morning when he unearths the most exciting thing he’s found so far. A solid metal-like object that could be anything. A forgotten trophy from childhood? A mini-torpedo from a long since buried submarine? A share of buried treasure? A buzz is aroused among his veteran friends and his youngest daughter, an antique shop owner helps solve the mystery!

(Spoilers: It’s a vibrator from the 1980’s.)


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