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Three Little Pigs Book Cover

Hi everyone! I am not an illustrator but am writing a picture book and thinking of creating my own pictures. I am an artist and love to paint and draw letters. It would be an honor to illustrate a book someday.

I am here for fun.


My first sketch is an idea that I am madly in love with.

  • I wanted the house to be turquoise. It is a color that means wisdom, truth, and was said to ward off negative energy. The house had to be this color! 
  • I choose brown that is a warm neutral color and down to earth. I wanted to choose a brown that goes with the classic that is this story
  • I wanted the hill to lead up to the main house. Perhaps I can experiment with texture for the grass
  • the blue throughout to emphasize the house that is the focal point of the cover
  • I left room at the top for perhaps a Newberry award sticker or something.
  • The pink represents the pigs and the curls too.
  • Notice that each roof is a triangle but the edges get sharper. I wanted to show  softer edges that were not very strong with the last house being the strongest. and more powerful


This is is the second one. I love the idea and need to play around with the elements for a while. I could trace it and play around with the layout. I also need to work on capturing facial expressions for the pigs.



  • Lessons Learned

I have little experience with photoshop and don't have a scanner at the moment but they are easy to obtain. My priority right now is to improve my skill.  I wanted to test my skills and gain some experience. I am happy with what I came up with. I am learning art history and design. I love the practice I gained and I could always send my work to a local printer and have them scan my work, and save in the appropriate file format. 

I work on my art everyday. To follow my progress you can checkout my blog: LittleLemon


Feedback will be awesome!



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