Three Engaging Blog Posts!

Finding Your Spiritual - An Easy Peasy Guide to Getting Soulful

I picked this one because it talks about spirituality in an accessible and realistic way. It struck me when it put something into words that I haven't been able to form: "Enjoy some ‘non-coincidence’. Embark upon a path of knowing that everything happens for a reason. Even the bad stuff. Allow coincidences to become non-coincidences; let them be meaningful or even magical. Explore the world as a place where all events come loaded with learning. In doing so, all negatives become positive and you become creator of your own meaningful happy place in life."

5 Reasons Real Eggs Beat Egg Beaters

Liz explains why real eggs are better by breaking it down to basic common sense explanations. "Bottom line is, eggs have a long history in human life. Heart disease, however, does not." What? Yeah, she said it. I also like the use of pop culture references to keep this light and not preachy. It's so easy to get preachy when you talk nutrition.

How I Lost More Than 150 Pounds

REALLY comprehensive. He broke it into important separate parts/headings. This has a lot of info - what didn't work, what did work and advice. The title got my attention and the advice was practical and doable. It's an ambitious goal and making it easier is a big deal.


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