Three Characters

(ended up being more of a synopsis for each character...)


Jeffery Stills - A 45 year old farm during the industrial revolution in the USA. He lives in the mid-west and tends an old, small, beaten down farm, alone. He's never been married, never had children, and gave up on love long ago after his heart was broken by a girl he liked in school. He's often seen with a strand of wheat between his blackening teeth, his handlebar mustache plumed over the top of his upper lip, dark eyes constantly shaded by the hat he never takes off. His farm is being threatened to be torn down, to make way for a more industrialized farm to over take his land. Jeffery is offered a lot of money to sell his land, and he is reluctantly about to agree, until a young boy shows up, claiming that Jeffery is his father. The boy is dirty and lost and states that his mom died years ago and told him to find his father. Having no one, no other family, and knowing that he could not have had any children, he takes the boy in anyway, thinking that they both have no one and nowhere else to go. Now with a young boy in his care, will he be able to sell the farm?


Elena Mathers - Elena is a social media 20 year old influencer from New Jersey. She grew up with her mom and brother, dad passed away before she was born. She has dark skin, black, long, kinky hair, and dark eyes. Dimples equally spaced between the corners of her mouth. Since she was in middle school, she struggled with her own individuality, going along with whatever mentality would get her in with the crowd she deemed the coolest at the time. She was a preppy girl, had an "emo phase," churchly Christian phase, and finally landed on her self proclaimed "insta-baddie" phase. It stemmed from her first year of college, after going to a school where she knew no one. She struggled to make lasting friendships in her classes, and found no clubs that she was interested enough in to join. A lot of time was spend in her dorm room, taking pictures of herself. From there she branched out into watching YouTubers, following instagramers, and began racking up followers on twitter. Here, she had found another place where she could fit into the top group virtually. As she becomes more and more famous, she stumbles across a DM a follower sent her, a young girl wanting to commit suicide and reaching out for help. Thinking she is too late, she replies to the girl, who luckily has done nothing yet, and the pair begin an online friendship. The girl shares things about the hardships in her life that Elena had never thought she would experience and eventually tells Elena the date she is planning to kill herself. Elena races to figure out who the girl is and goes to try and save her. Will Elena find her in time? Will Elena's constant pursuit of popularity change?