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Three Brand New Styles

So many new techniques learned in this class! 

This was the original reference photo but I played around and sort of made things up as I went. By the final painting, I was just making stuff up but it still sort of references the source, I think.


Dropped style-I will admit that doing this without actually sketching the thing out in pencil was a little scary and I will totally blame that for it being off-kilter a little. Doing some of the more vivid contrast washes was a lot of fun.


Vintage style-I don't know that I really like this particular painting although I really enjoyed working with opaque paint like that. I want to play around with that a lot more. I think that I would prefer to do as in the practice video for this section and just paint them all as separate elements and bring them together into a bouquet using photoshop. Oh yes and  yay for getting to do a sketch for this one!


Illustrative style-I pared down the bouquet even more and, well... added daisies and greenery because why not? Once again, no sketch and I used the one filbert brush for pretty much everything. Started with big dropped washes to put everything in place and then added the outline after everything had dried. I went with an all black outline because I really like the combination of watercolour and ink and just couldn't resist!


Thank you for all of the useful information! 


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