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Thoughts on quiet.

I chose to illustraite "Quiet"  as i'm more on the quite side myself. 

I always start a project with a word and write down the meaning of the word, directly from a dictonary: Quiet 

I like the word calm, as I feel it describes an overall state of quietness, to me calm can be anything from a state of mind, a feeling, or a place and you’re a pretty lucky if you have all three together. 


I always remember a time from my childhood that really resonates with me, I was visiting family with my parents and sibling and my dad took just me to go see a.....bench.  


Weird I know but my dad actually built it when he was in school, I think it’s probably the only thing from his school days he's proud of so I wanted to see it.  I remember walking through a country park trying to find it and then just sitting their with my dad, by a lake and feeling this great sense of calm. I don't know what it was, maybe it was the place or knowing that that bench meant something to my dad I’m not sure but ever since, I feel like I do my best thinking and feel calmest sitting on park benches just watching the world go by…..I can hear my own thoughts and just for a little while the world is truly quiet.


So that is the story behind my illustration, so far.


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