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Thoughtful Minds Clothing

Thoughtful Minds Clothing is based out of New York City and was established in 2013 about 4 months ago.

My name is Brian Kessler the owner/designer of Thoughtful Minds Clothing (TMC). I decided I wanted to start a brand after watching Jeff Staple speak at the Apple Store in Soho during fashion night out last year while I was working at the store. Working for Apple you work and meet so many creative individuals where its kind of hard not to get inspired  to be more creative. At the given time I just couldnt put my finger on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I did know what ever it was it had to represent myself and others who have a voice or ideas but wasnt being heard or seen. The story behind thoughtful minds came from my grandmother, she has always told me since I was kid " A mind Is a terrible thing to waste" so what ever I do be smart and dont waste talent that was given to you. My grandmother has always been big on giving back to the community and always supported me with anything I wanted to do no matter how crazy it might of sound. I can say she made the brand without really knowing it lol. My grandmother has breast cancer which has now spread across her body and only has 4 month or less to live its been really hard on my family and I, so I want my brand especially this fall collection to be in memory of her and build a foundation that I can continue to build upon going forward.


When creating Thoughtful Minds I wanted to keep it simple and I wanted people to relate, so thoughtful minds clothing is "Where a Thought turns into a Idea, a Idea turns into a Plan, and where that Plan turns into a Reality" This is what my brand represents and as the 1 of the designers I get inspired by life and the morals and lessons that my grandmother taught me growing up. We are more then just a clothing line we want to build a culture and also give back to communities because my grandmother enbeded in me that anything you do in life you should try and change at least one persons life. I WANT TO HELP CHANGE AT LEAST ONE PERSON LIFE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!!

Next month were working with NYAGV (new york against gun voilence) to throw our first BBQ supporting the fight against gun voilence which will be held in the Bronx at Pelham Bay Park August 24 where we will have raffles and guest speakers come talk to the youth. Also having a coat drive in late October and 3-3 basketball weekend tourtament for the kids in November where we will be partnering with the Knicks organzation as well to help organize that event. Dont get me wrong we will be having cool events as well throughout the year but giving back to the community is first and I think our name represents that.

Heres our signiture T-Shirt and snapback that are very popular on our website and the streets of NYC

For the summer we launched a few LAWD snapbacks in red  and also our HOME TEAM (NYC)  tanktops, we have a few pieces in 2 stores in Harlem and the Bronx but mostly selling online. 

Were working on our fall collection now so it will be ready to go late August or early September, looking to have 6-7 t-shirts both long and short sleeve, 2 coach jackets, bennies, and sweat shirts. Im redoing the website as well and making the brand more personal because honestly the idea came from my grandmother with a little twist from myself and I want the brand to live through her from the designs I make to the events and partnerships I make while building my brand. Did I ever think about creating a clothing to be like everyone else no? I wanted to express myself and everything Im going through at the given moment and fashion was one gateway to do so! Please give me any feedback you may have because it will only make me and my team work harder on giving great serivce and products. 



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