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Robbie Zylstra

Google Apps Guru



Thought Leader

Thought Leaders Magazine

Flip through the minds of forward-thinking business leaders in blogs, analysis and opinions of writers across various industries and political spectrums.

The magazine also includes practical advice on how to achieve innovation at work. My goal is to collect that will inspire greatness. @robbiezylstra, Visual Data Specialist, Google, Inc."

I look for articles that provide my readers with ideas and steps they can take to help them be more productive and succesfull at their work.

I believe we are responsible for own destiny - inluding being the best we can be at work. Today, more than every before, we have access to so much information that can help us be more innovative at work.

Step by step instructions I used to create my first Flipboard magazine:

  1. Download the Flipboard app and create an account.
  2. Search for topics or tap the red ribbon at top right of device to search for content.
  3. Select the topics on Flipboard that matches your interests.
  4. Flip through your Flipboard in search of interesting articles to share and subscribe to them.
  5. Create a magazine by pressing on an article to read and/or clicking the + at the bottom right of your screen.
  6. Press on "Create Magazine", type the name of your magazine in the box, and press "Add."
  7. Continue the process to create other magazines that cover your areas of interest, such as Leadership, Technology, etc;
  8. Look through your magazines daily to determine which magazines your readers find more interesting or have the most readership.
  9. Look for fresh content daily that your readers will find interesting and add them to your magazines.
  10. Long press on an article to promote it to your cover if you can't find fresh content.
  11. Subscribed to other magazines to spread the love and let people know about your magazines.
  12. Tweet consistently about your magazines to promote and increase readership. 


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