Though she be but little, she is fierce.


(For some reason, I can change the direction of the image of my final project)

I'm not 100% satisfied with my final project. Why? Cause I had no idea the paper I had was terrible with paint/watercolor. Anyways the main idea/focus is there. I wanted to make it girly and fun so I went with girly watercolor colors to had some punch to it. I think I should of went with black ink instead of gold but I want to make it look more prestigious for my princess (haha). The image is terrible as well because I suck at taking pictures, I don't have a scanner nor do I know how to digitalize :(. Overall though, I am still happy with it. In the long run, I will re-do it with a better type of paper and possibly black ink so I can end up framing it :)



Alright so I've sketched out 3 options. My favorite is the first one - although I'm not even sure is scripty enough to be considered. I just love how girly, flowly and the rounder shapes look. What do you guys think?




(This is a post as part of the "Two week Calligraphy Challenge)

Though she be but little, she is fierce. - W. Shakespeare

This is my first time with calligraphy. By having a Wedding & Event Planning business, I think calligraphy is an amazing addition to a series of services, so I am pretty excited to start and learn all about it.

Without being cheesy, I choose this quote from Shakespeare because I would like to dedicate it to my dog. Although the quote is rather short, it is the perfect representation of my dog Jada, everything she has lived through and everything she has overcame.

She is truly an inspiration and I admire her. If you are curious about her story, I will include it at the end of my post.

I haven't started sketching just yet, but I would love to the script to be fun and silly just like her.

Here is my warm-up practice.



Jada's Story:

I volunteer at the SPCA in Montreal, QC (Canada) for the past 2 years has a dog trainer/walker. I am used to be sad at the sight of poor dogs (and cats) abandonned in their cages, waiting for their forever homes. But on June 4th, that is when my heart litteraly broke into a million pieces.

I always watch those shows about animals, like Pitbulls & Parolees, or I see several Facebook posts from shelter (or other) pages that I've liked about the dog that was abused and left to himself to die, the dog that hasn't eaten in so long that his bones are piercing through the remaining skin because he can<t get skinnier than he is now. I always feel like these pictures are always from somewhere in the U.S or another province that is so far, I can do nothing but to hope and pray for the best. But that night... everything changed.

For the first time in my life, I met a nice little Pit Bull that weighed around 20 pounds (if not less) when she would be weighing aroung 50 pounds, minimum. This is probably the skinniest dog, I have ever met. A dog skinnier than that... Does not exist. She was so happy when I arrived to her cage so I could bring her to the back yard. She wasn't even afraid of humans, despite EVERYTHING she has gone through. She had wounds on her front legs probably due to bugs eating her, the bones where her bum should be were piercing through her skin and her white coat of fur was brownish/yellow stained from her very own pee, that she lived in for about a month. I was scared of touching her, I didn't want to risk breaking her. What broke me even more, is that once we were in the backyard, she didn't even care about my human presence, because she was so concentrated to scavenge every single corner to find food, she would eat anything that was lying on the ground. 

For her, it's as if we were taking her out, not to have some fresh air or do her "business", but for her survival instinct to come on and finding food. When I managed to divert her attention to frolic with her and caress her, in her eyes, there was no malice, there was only a great sorry (despite the fact that she was happy of our presence and interactions). And it's at the very moment... that I wanted to collapse to the ground to cry and hold her in my arms.

I took her home for foster care and to help her gain her strenght and health back. I has been 3 months now, and boy-oh boy has she ever got better. She's back to her recommended weight (40 lbs) which means she's a very petite Pit Bull. She is a silly, happy girl, that illuminates a room when she walks in and this is why I am dedicating my project to her... because although she be but little.... She is FIERCE.



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