Thou Shalt Now

Thou Shalt Now - student project

Sketch 3 – Cleaned up the sketch below and added weight to the word "Love." Also tried to shift the balance of the word "Love" more towards the center. Made the crown a little smaller and more decorative... still not sure if I'm going to keep it in there. What are some suggestions of where I could take this from here? I think I'm about ready to start vectorizing.

Thou Shalt Now - image 1 - student project


Sketch 2 – Here's my second attempt. I'm liking this one better as there is more symmetry and the arrangement of the words holds together a little bit better. I decided to scan this in before working on thickening some of the letterforms... in case I mess it up.

Thou Shalt Now - image 2 - student project


Sketch 1 – First real sketch after a few small rough comps. It's kind of blah... I think it needs more contrast in the thick and thins and perhaps a little more uniformity in the various styles I've got going on. I don't know that it feels balanced yet either. Wishing I had more time to put into this!

Thou Shalt Now - image 3 - student project

I wanted to go for a decorative, archaic style for the "Thou Shalt" based on some reference images I found...

Thou Shalt Now - image 4 - student project

Thou Shalt Now - image 5 - student project


This is my first Skillshare class. I'm not really sure how this is going to go or if I'll even have time to complete the project, but I thought I'd at least give it a go.

I've done very few hand-lettering projects in the past... some have turned out great, and others not so much. There's nothing quite so frustrating as trying to find a font for a project that does exactly what you want, only to come up empty. At which point I usually think, "Why not just make up my own letters?" Easier said than done, though. There must surely be a few tips and tricks o' the trade that will make shorter work of it. At least that's what I'm hoping to find out.

As for my project, I'm going to do a personal work that ties to a commitment I made at the beginning of the year to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 90 days. After 70 days of reading, I finally crossed over into the New Testament. In Matthew 22:36, the teachers of the Law ask Jesus, "What is the greatest commandment?" To which Jesus responds with, "Love the Lord your God" and secondly, "Love your neighbor as yourself." If God's original covenant with mankind seemed to be characterized by rules about what not to do (the "Thou shalt nots"), then His new covenant is by contrast all about what we should do, and what He enables us to do through His spirit.

My phrase, then, for this project is "Thou Shalt Now Love." If only we could get this one thing right, then all the other commands would also be accomplished.

Right now I'm thinking of contrasting some rigid and sturdy looking characters (for "Thou Shalt") with a more fluid, decorative style (for "Now Love").