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Those words...

Why do we forget the power of our words?

Why do we forget our power?

I propose to change that, I suggest to spoil our soul with magic!

I would like to inspire everyone to remember,

that the most importart person in your life... 

must be you!

Just when we fill ourselves with love & positive energy, 

Magic would happen and we will be able to share it! 

I'm so proud to be you... It's the trigger, a statement you need to repeat as a mantra, it will encourage you.

I was one, I forgot the power of my words, I forgot my power. On those really bad times, when you don't find the way back to your dreams, when you think nobody is there, those words helped me to remember I was not alone, the universe is inside of me. I started to talked to my soul, to communicate with my inner side and to truly love me. 

*sorry I was not able to turn the pictures :/

At the beginning I though to represent it with spirals, comming from the words, a spiral is a curve which emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point. 


Then I liked the idea that spirals come from "other" place and go through the words as catching the energy... 


After some colors I took my words to nature....


And at the end I let it next to a mirrow


Thanks ! 


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