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Those violent youths

Hey there,

I went for a 'dystopian-neo-industrial-gang-sports-equipment-as-weapons,' theme. It's a legit theme. Honest. BASICALLY, if you think of the gangs in AKIRA then I'm going for that sort of thing. Just a bunch of crazy kids living in a lawless land and doing as kids do (hurting other kids).

The silhouttes were tough for me, I'm more of a scribbler and I tend to be too detailed. 

About half way through some semi-military stuff happened buuuut I see no reason why these lunatics couldn't jack some military gear. And I keep thinking this is a bunch of random characters and not the search for just one. Since I only really draw for myself, I tend to have a clear idea of what a character looks like and just go with that and build on it slightly and I'm generally pretty pleased with myself unless it looks awful.

SO, this was a pretty big challenge. But anyway, here's what I came up with. I'm not really leaning towards one or the other, I just want to draw them all? (will regret that in the morning). At the very least, I'm going for a female character, that's as clear as I am, maybe with a stick for hitting people with....




think my sketchiness is showing. 


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