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Dennis Elliott

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Those Chicago Streets

Finally! Submitting a project to this awesome class. Any critique is welcomed. I started doing street photography more about a month ago, really enjoying it! As a Chicago native, its really cool to see the emotions the peple and architecture can reveal in a photo. Good tips from this class, I hope to use them to improve. Really enjoying all the submitted projects already, inspiring stuff!

With this project I stayed with the same edit/colors except for the last shot. Just wanted to be a bit consistent then throw in a doozy. Please let me know what you think!

1. Candid Portrait

Taken on my lunch break, caught this lady taking a picture. Can't say I blame her.

2. Motion

Taken on Adams/Wabash.

3. Look Up

Taken on the Michigan bridge when walking to the loop. Glad I could catch the stars of the Chicago flag, it was flapping like crazy. I personally dig the fog eating up the trump tower.

4. Night Shot

Caught my pal (@instasamz on ig) walking past the bright sign on a cold winters night. Maybe one of my favorite portraits to date.


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