Well around March 12 2015, after spending the previous day in Los Angeles' fashion district, it dawned on me what I wanted to give to the world through my talents and creativity in the form of clothing and other practical items. Through careful planning and plotting, I stumbled upon my "eureka" moment, with the name for my brand. THOROUGH-an adjective that means having full command or mastery of an art, talent, etc. executed with complete regard to detail and accuracy; not partial or superficial; absolute. Then adding the area code of city'909', to give it an authentic feel for who/why I am doing this. It's not just personal reasons, I want to bring light to my city San Bernardino, CA. Attatched below are shots of the FIRST shirt I ever designed, THE MISSION STATEMENT tee, if you all are curious to see what the brand has grown to since then, feel free to visit thorough909.bigcartel.com and stay connected to our moves via thorough909.tumblr.com or twitter.com/thorough_909

peace & love,.


Okay! to make ensure I make it within the deadline for our latest assignment here are Thorough909's mission, vision, and values.

The the overall vision for Thorough909 is to bring unity and positive energy amongst the masses through a fresh perspective to what has been overlooked or deemed "negative" in the realm of soceity. For instance, I have a collection entitled "OG" which doesn't stand for the traditional Original Gangster but Originally Gifted, since we all being literal 1 of 1's fall into this category, it's something to be proud of, being an individual!

The mission is to be THOROUGH in all your endeavors no matter how menial the task! As highlighted in the mission statement tee below one can clearly comprehend what goes into be THOROUGH, and how one may express it. Seriously, if you're not being THOROUGH in your work, what are you really doing? Playing around?

I value originality, creativity, positve vibes, and the meshing of ideas/cultures. There's nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a group of people from different walks of life mingling and collaborating to create something special and positive. This class in itself is evidence of that, through our mingling and viewing each others projects we have passed on the confidence and the right attitude to see our ideas through to their end goal. I wish everyone in this class a wonderful remainder to 2015, but most importantly, health, wealth, positive energy and prosperity! :)





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