Thorin Felide

Thorin Felide - student project

Ok. So. This project was really fun. Disclaimer: I did mine on procreate since I do not have photoshop. Anyway, I had this awesome fantasy name in the back of my head that I was in love with, so I decided to make a character for it. She’s an elf, but of coruse they try to hide as much as possible from humans and other creatures, so they usually hide their ears. (This is just an excuse because I forgot to add ears... oops). Here is the passport:
Thorin Felide - image 1 - student projectThen, I drew out four hairstyles. The first was too long for Thorin, it would get in the way. The second was too rebellious, she is a straightforward down to earth kinda gal. The last one was in a bun, but I didn’t think she would want to style her hair every morning. The third was just right, a straight bob with curled bangs at the top. Simple and efficient all in one.Thorin Felide - image 2 - student project

I’m not that good at drawing, and I still haven’t exactly figured out/ developed my own style, so I kinda just did the head. I put her looking down while looking forward, if that makes any sense.Thorin Felide - image 3 - student project

ANYWAY, thanks for reading my rambles, have a good day!