Catherine Duthie

Master's Student at Iowa State University



This is the year this is!

After a lifetime of body dysmorphic disorder and fitness fears, I can say that I'm finally ready to slough off my physical and emotional baggage. I won't let my body hold me back from anything, be it distance running, being in a swimsuit in public, or just meeting people without crippling fear of judgement.

Here are my goals for 2013.

1. I will streamline my diet to maximize energy, happiness, and enjoyment. In order to do this, I will start by logging my food and water intake to make sure I'm getting the right amount of calories, fiber, and *especially* water.

2. I will consistently work out 4-5 days a week, including cardio and weight training. I will complete an uninterrupted 30-day shred. (hey, even if I fail, I still win!)

3. I will train for and complete a 10k. (I finished a few 5k runs last year, so this should be a good goal.)

4. I will understand and overcome my BDD, and do everything in my power to have a healthy, realistic view of myself. (This is likely going to be the toughest, because it's both non-quantifiable and it currently seems insurmountable... but I need a healthy mindset if I'm going to be fit.)

5. I will treat sleep with the respect it deserves. (I am AWFUL at getting a consistent amount of sleep every night, and sleep is SO much more important than anything I could want to stay up for!)

Most importantly, I need to devise a way for this plan to be difficult *not* to follow. I need to set up roadblocks to ensure that this course of action is easier to follow than to ignore. And on that, I'm taking all suggestions!


Update!! 1/24


I'd like you all to meet my fruit drawer. ^_^

I've been juicing my breakfast, and having exhorbinant amounts of fruit both between and in-place-of meals. Oddly enough, I've been feeling VERY happy!

Oh! So I now have a sleep schedule! Well, sort of. I'm always in bed before midnight, and almost always in bed before 11. Since our goals setting, I've been getting seven hours of sleep or more!

One more thing--thanks to the awesome app, bloom*, I've set a reminder to myself 3-5 times per day. It shows pictures of very happy times in my life, when I've felt extra accomplished, attractive, or loved, and it shows me the mantra

"I accept myself unconditionally, as I am right now."

Yes, I have a long way to go, and I've still got a lot of habits to change.. But I'm happy! I'm moving forward and I'm getting there at my own pace.


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