This is me

This is me - student project

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I had a lot of fun working on this project and also learned a lot! This is something I always wanted to make, but I didn't quite know how to... so thank you very much for this lesson!

After making the wordlist and first sketches, I made this set-up. 

This is me - image 1 - student projectThis is me - image 2 - student projectFirst I wanted to use a photo like in the tutorial, but I couldn't really find a nice photo with a clean background and if I photoshopped one it didn't quite fit in as nicely...

This is me - image 3 - student project

So in the end I decided to use a portrait I made a few years ago of my and my kitten! I really like the way it now blends in with the typography and illustrations. 

This is me - image 4 - student project

Please tell me what you think!

Kind regards, Bonita