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This is how you do winter! - Bodo the badger

UNIT 4 ~ update (12/19/14)

I havn't send a single christmas card, but I finished the spread! I hope that the details come thorugh, even with this size and resolution.

Page 18-19

Page 20-21

UNIT 4 Final Illustration

started working on my final illustration- started with a full spread full bleed without text (page 18-19). But am planning on also doing the next spread with a spot-illu and a vignette.

UNIT 3 storyboard ~ again

UNIT 2 character ~ again

I wasn't really happy with the last character design, It felt like I drew this badger so much, that he totally lost his liveliness. So I started anew...this is what I came up with

UNIT 3 The storyboard

This is my first attempt.

I did full-bleed-full-spread images without text for the dream/wish-segments.

For every sad exclamation of the badger (oh, uuh, aah,…) the badger is shown as a vignette/spot illustration sitting alone and sad (kind of from above) in the rain. Getting sadder and sadder.

The plan is to get more dynamic (and colorful) towards the end, while the beginning wallows in the sadness of Bodo :)


UNIT 2 Characters

My story only has one main character, Bodo the badger, so I concentrated on drawing badgers. The birds will have to wait^^

I experimented a bit, did some more realistic and some more comic-style.


Decided to do the big-eye-version, because it is how I normally draw. And did a lot of quick sketches showing the badger in different situations (please excuse the bad quality of the photos, light situation was baaaaad)


But I also did a small-eyed-version (just to be sure)


And here’s a colored version (watercolor on way to thin paper)


UNIT 1 – marked up manuscript

Divided the story in 12 spreads, which leaves me a little wiggle room to do some full-bleed pages without text.



excited to get started on my illustration project. I’m illustrating a story I wrote for the antecedent class – Write a Picture Book.

Here is the translation into english (original in german):

This is how you do winter!


On a rainy November morning Bodo the badger crawled out of his burrow.

Grey- everything is grey. Grey and wet, thought Bodo, each winter the same.

He gazed/scowled into the rain and strode on.


At the duck pond Bodo stopped and gazed at his reflection.

Grey, grey in grey. Oh yes and black. I’m probably the dullest animal in the whole forest, he sighs.


On the pond swam a few mallard ducks

Oh, thought Bodo, if only I had a radiant green head, like those ducks, I would play in the pond all day long.


He shuffled on. In a nearby shrub sat a pair of blue tits.

Uuhh, or as colorful as a blue tit, grumbled Bodo, than I would stuff myself with sunflower seeds all winter long.


Suddenly a woodpecker flew over his head.

Guh, wailed Bodo, or as flashing as a woodpecker, then I would climb trees fast as lighting.


But he wasn’t a woodpecker, nor a blue tit, nor a mallard duck.

Oh, if only I could be colorful, than I could bear the rain!

Frustrated he glanced into the grey sky

And lo and behold, there/then he saw it.


In fire-red and pumpkin-orange. From bright yellow to soft ochre hang the last autumn leafs on a tree above him.

Wow, like they were dumped in a paint pot/colored with paint.


Paint pot…paint…color….coloring…  [This works better in German, because paint-pot (Farbtopf) and coloring, like dying your hair (Haare färben) have the same root word]

Bodo jumped up. Coloring, what a great idea! Let’s go.


First he kneeled in the grass to get brightly green knees.


Than he rolled around in a blueberry bush to get a fantastic luminously violet shimmer on his back.


And, to top it all off he greased his head with half a red beet.


This is how you do winter!


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