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This is andebobandy GTD


I don't know what's more terrifying...


or this:



Haven't checked my email since 5pm on Friday.  This was my ultimate goal for this course.  To feel like I had things under control enough not to spend the weekend trying to organize my week.  Tomorrow is on my mind and I can't say that I haven't been thinking of all the things I have to do, but I feel like I am taking some good first steps to next weekend (maybe) having a little less worry and a little more relaxation.


Until this I was using evernote as a todo list manager, creating next steps and check lists in a master note and then storing those notes and additional research, content, and instructions for my assistant in the folders.  But it's never been an ideal checklist system for me.  I also used my inbox as storage for content and asset files that were sent from clients.  When a short term project ended, I deleted the evernote folder, archive the project folder in my documents on my computer and then deleted the emails, but I was always terrified that there was something in the emails that I was losing.  And for longer term projects, I just kept countless emails (see insane amount of email screenshot above).

I was thinking that going forward, I could just send those emails to my evernote email and store them there, but I was worried that at the end I would either have to delete them or keep them in there forever, which is what I was struggling with in my email box, BUT I found that evernote has a export function.  It seem that it exports notes as well as attachements and images.  This is great, becuase it means that I can archive them and actully get them completely out of my view, then if I do need them, rather than searching through tons of correspondence or having lost them entirely, I can just import the note and find what is actually important right there.


This was my desktop a few months ago and it usually looks like this by Friday or each week.

This is what it looks like now



Wow.  I have to say that I am feeling very accomplished and pretty relaxed about the GTD process.  I will admit that I have a few emails in my email inbox right now from today that I have left unread so that I might deal with them tomorrow.  I don't think this is exactly in line with the advice, but my goal is by the week end to have nothing there or on my desktop as I do my weekly review (which I think would be better on Friday than on Monday while everything is still fresh in my mind).

I added an additional couple of items to my initiative, which have more to do with working from home issues (work/life balance), like really making an effort to limit my actual work hours to 9-5 schedule.  I removed notifications from everything on my computer, except my imessage.  I removed my email from my cell phone.  And at 5pm for the last two days, I have closed my mail and haven't reopened them.  Very liberating, indeed.  

Excited and fully committed to moving forward with this method.  I am loving Things for the to do list, the next list especially.  And sending notes and forwarding emails to evernote has been a real help in the OMG I can't forget this but I can't leave it in my inbox part of the process.

So far so good.


Course completed and a couple of weeks underway.  I have really appreciated the empty email box and the place to put everything.  Using Things and Reminders has been a great help in getting me organized.  And, although I knew this before, I was being very distracted by my incoming email and my "putting out fires" work methods.  I have disabled all my alerts and I find that I'm able to dedicate more time per sitting to each project.

I alos started using unroll, which is amazing for keeping that inbox from piling up with unnecessary items.  It compiles all your e-newsletters and subscriptions and items that don't necessarily need your immediate attention and sends them once a day in a nice little package.

My only issue so far has been sticking to the sorting, but I am trying to do a day end and a week end clearing of the inboxes and reviewing my todos.

I am considering this a success!



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