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This is a cat's world.

So, I picked cats for my inspiration. I adore cats. This lead to me being really inspired and trying to explore as much as I can, but also my workflow got even slower. I am still halfway (and missed the deadline, I hope it's ok), I wanted to get some feedback before moving to picking from my thumbnails. Any feedback is truly appreciated!

So first I made a board in Pinterest, obviously.


 I tried to catch what is that I like so much about cats. I think it's mostly because they are effortlessly flawless but that's not a concept  I can translate to lettering. Next to that, they have an amazing form. All fluid and stretchy.  Also a lot of thing in their faces are distinctive, so I made a couple of sketches based on these & looked up some quotes.






I tried some of cats' fur patterns. Some of them I found complex to use on a letter but I think the M on their head translates well.






Some of the thumbnails are almost just illustrations because I realized drawing cats are really fun and I can probably go on with this forever.  (So feedback is REALLY appreciated.)

I think my favourite thumbnails are the first ones. I also like the smirking cat in the last one but there is hardly any lettering there. I might try "Cats are a mysterious kind of folk" thumbnails too. Thank you for checking my project!


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